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Manabu Yasuda

             Founder & CEO


Joined IBM Japan in 1987.
He is deeply involved in business reform and policy planning of large companies, mainly manufacturing, food industry, logistics industry, distribution service industry, etc., and large-scale system development, and also engaged in planning measures for strengthening global sales force of IBM Corporation.
Since 2000 he has served as Head of Distribution Division, West Japan Transportation Sales Division, West Japan Distribution Sales Division, West Japan Distribution Division Director since 2000. Since 2004 he has been the company’s Software Business Division, Business Planning Department Manager and Head of Administration Division and leads the reform and reconstruction of the business .
After leaving Japan IBM in 2006, taking advantage of past experience, established Koshiki · Value Hub to support Japanese IT industry development and corporate IT policy from the viewpoint of planning as well as execution.

Naotaka Yamamoto

               COO / Corporate Strategy & Transaction Officer


Join in 1998, graduated from the University of Tokyo economic department, joined JR Tokai.
After field experiences of Shinkansen operator etc etc, I am assigned to a new project manager.
In 2001 he joined HSBC Group’s securities company.
I worked for a trainee in London. Subsequently at the investment banking division of the Japanese corporation of the securities Cross-border and domestic M & A advisory.
In 2005 joined Japan Industrial Partners, a private equity investment fund. In addition to engaging in a wide range of M & A, we will work on improving performance, including business revitalization of investees.
Joined MISUMI Group head office in 2011.
The company’s first cross-border M & A transaction as a corporate planning office and non-core business work on selling. In addition, many official projects from the management team were sent off.
He joined Koshiki and Value Hub in 2013 and reached the present.

Katsunori Shimamoto

                Director / Professional Services Technical Officerー

Sadanori Takashima

                Certified · IT Professional

Juro Nakauchi

                Auditor / Corporate Strategy & Financial Advisor

Satomi Yamamoto

                Executive Director

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